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Within every exceptional Rolex vintage collector's Time piece resides a series of variables. These variables constitute a veritable quandary for the modern Rolex watch collector and aficionado. Prime Time Canada has not only understood these variables as challenges, it has made the selection of these variable components it's Science!


Our terms of service and quality of understanding these variables have made Rolex watch collecting a prime valuable service, to the collecting community/ owner of PTC- Prem C. having thus maximized this pro outlook towards exceptional Time pieces, now ventures out into the higher end of Rolex vintage and modern watch collecting/ As it now stands, our association with MONDANI EDITORE of Italy has started to see the frution with an expansive library.


This has resulted in an official distribution channel for Canada.

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Apart from the rigueurs of Rolex watch collecting, Prime Time Canada offers it's 28 years at the bench watchmaking technical expertise/ this in our humble opinion makes investing in quality time pieces a thrilling proposition. Having successfully concluded a few dozens of Rolex vintage watch services, we realized the possible factors of this collecting was our edge of technical expertise. Whereas, collectors would consult watchmakers situated sometimes in far off places to have a look at their Rolex Submariners. PTC would only have to look inside our watchmaker's bench to find that solution to the broken crown/glass/or water resistance issues. Therefore, it was a sure thing that with the collecting factors facing the community, the first thing we did was to ensure that the stacks of old Rolex parts we collected foremost were all authentic and on those grounds the first premise of PRIME TIME CANADA was born.


That quality quest, results in Time and again, our collected and lovingly restored vintage Rolex submariners are the very best out there. Extensively part researched, full service ready, and ready to be worn on the wrist. Why each Submariner comes with an all inclusive 2 years warranty of the service offered within the Time piece. All our hard work reflects on the smoothness of the keyless working and operating like smooth silk. The lubrication element in our servicing and Swiss inherited practices as handed down by my head teacher still resonates in the quality that we turn out and give important instructions to the client as to how the watch may behave even a few years down the road. A full report is always issued with each time piece, along with a service history. I do not think that many watch collectors that sell watches have access to even half this knowledge, having witnessed it first hand at several important trade shows and IWJG shows.


OBSERVE & REPORT: The Prime Time Canada exclusive quality is on hand for each collector wishing to invest with us.

Rolex Submariner DLC service

Description: DLC treatment and it’s application in modern watches/Prime Time Canada and it’s affiliation with I.A. Intellectual Alliance of Toronto.



The DLC proprietary process obtained from I.A. is a time tested process that includes a carbon rich gas content deposition onto watch cases and bracelets, so the effect of this deposition is that the material is coated with an almost indestructible dark black dlc coating that cannot be stripped chemically by any known acid mix or any combination of chemical mixtures.


Vis-à-vis the PVD/dlc process that dominates the industry, this proprietary process is a longer and more exact process. Whereas in the PVD process, pure graphite sputtering is deposited by plasma deposition almost like a painting onto a very hot or sand blasted surface at +500 degrees C, the deposition takes place over a 2 hours period only. This renders the coated body with both uniform and not so uniform particle deposition, which is very prone to damage either through active wear, and heat spoilage.

Our dlc process takes place over a cryogenic proprietary process in a laboratory dedicated to space research. This is the brain child of Valery Propavko, the Intellectual Alliance creator based here in Canada. The process entails the actual growing of amorphous diamond crystals, emanating from carbon content rich gases, that are uniformly emitted over a period of 10 hours! The chamber that it is collected in, and the methodology of deposition, has a higher and superior co-efficient of friction. This co-efficient of friction, of course, being largely dependent on the quality of the steel, titanium, and tungsten carbide to be coated is also subject to the actual dlc process that defines the parameters for the successful application of the smooth carbon rich dlc thickness.

Valery in fact, maintains that he also as a pre-requisite needs the cases to be finished prior to the dlc process. There are a few guidelines for this application to be highly successful. Chiefly, the fainter the grind lines, it stands a better chance to be coated uniformly, and the water resistance critical parts are masked to prevent any extra deposition, as when it does come out- a substantially thick layer of material will ensure a longevity none other than that of the highest non-scratchable tungsten carbide time pieces. There are only 2 finishes possible in this time, a smooth finish, and a mat finish. Each part is then tested rigorously with scopes, and lasers to ensure that the dlc process with those parts, was indeed successful and that will ensure a guarantee of the dlc.


Prepping the cases and bracelets, and the actual water resistance process is the specialty of Prime Time Canada. Our inherent watchmaking structure adheres to almost all the modern watchmaking case fabrication principles. Before coming to Canada, Prem C. was invited by several watchmakers based in Switzerland to witness the creation first hand of quality water resistant time piece production houses, and even did a 1 week course on case fabrication in Bienne Neuchatel and La-Chaux-de-Fonds.


**Prime Time Canada is not affiliated with any Swiss watch manufacturer/ PTC is an Independent watch service professional**


Watch service

  • Rolex vintage specialtiy Time pieces

  • Omega Speedmaster Seamaster Flightmaster


  • Chronograph watches VENUS-VALJOUX


  • Breitling and vintage Navitimer


  • Water resistance specialty Diver's Time pieces


  • Modern Swiss ETA based Time pieces

PTC History

  • Prem C. arrived in Canada in the year 2008 and established Prime Time Canada in 2009
  • NAWCC member in good standing from 2010
  • Just joined AWCI 2013
  • Actively participating in community events like charity fund raising for Pacific Opera 2012, Rotary Saanich 2013, Vancouver island charities
  • Over 1000 mechanical Time pieces serviced



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